by Bianca Bart | June 28, 2024

The King of Silver Certificates : $10 1933

The real effects of the 1929 stock market collapse and the resulting Great Depression were on full display in the early 1930s. Emergency fiscal moves to try and shore up the money supply and improve the economy were drastic, including cessation of gold coin production, making gold ownership illegal, and daily bank closures impacting everyone. While the United States did not ban ownership of silver, nor cease production of Silver Certificates, the Series 1933 $10 was still impacted, cementing its status as "The King of Silvers." A total of 216,000 notes were printed, but Treasury records show that as many as 60,000 were subsequently destroyed, along with the entire 1933A Series, which ultimately was never released.

We've been privileged to handle several during our past five decades, including the most recent one that's illustrated. If the $10 1933 Silver Certificate is a must-have note in your collection, please add the Fr. 1700 to your want list and you will receive a no-obligation email when one enters our inventory and is available for purchase. Alternatively, you may call us and speak to a collecting specialist about this desired acquisition at 586.979.3400. 

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