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BART Numismatics began as a part time venture in 1981, issuing printed catalogs and advertising in Coin World. As it grew, the company incorporated as BART, Inc which remains the parent company of Executive Currency to this date.

As Frederick J. Bart turned his passion into a profession his daughter, Bianca B. Bart, was simultaneously being raised in a home where numismatics often provided a topic for dinner table discussions so it was nearly predictable that her early interests would one day lead to her being a numismatist too. However, she carries much more than just the last name as she completed an internship at a top-tier grading firm and remains one of the youngest members ever elected to full membership in the prestigious Professional Numismatists Guild.  In an effort to best assist entry-level to elite- caliber clienete Bianca attends several coin and currency shows across the country.  Bianca B. Bart officially took the helm as CEO of the corporation in 2023.  Doris A. Bart was the second employee and remains a vital part of the operations.

Although Executive Currency operates from a professional office building, it is not a traditional brick and mortar coin and paper money shop, as the firm focuses on mail order and show sales; therefore, conducts no on-site retail business.

While it would be interesting to divulge some of the high-profile clients with whom the firm has been fortunate enough to work with, confidentiality is of utmost importance. The firm handled the unique 1943-D bronze cent, prior to the well-publicized sale to Bob Simpson as well as the first two banknotes to cross the million dollar threshold. Many other equally important numismatic jewels have been placed privately during the firm’s 42 years.

Frederick J. Bart and Bianca B. Bart hold Full Membership in the PNG, while Doris A. Bart enjoys Associate status. All members of the firm are members of the American Numismatic Association and Frederick J. Bart received his 50 year membership medal in 2023. Members belong to numerous other national, regional, and state associations.

Although best known for handling United States paper money in all grades and price points, the firm proudly boasts an inventory of rare US coinage.

The unquestioned foundation for the corporation’s success is repeat business from existing clientele, many of whom have entrusted the firm to handle the disposition of their holdings when they elect to sell. Excellent rapport with other dealers, who know immediate funds are available at the time of a transaction of any size, has permitted Executive Currency to acquire both coins and paper money when other potential buyers would need to arrange finances.

Any prospective client is welcome to telephone and chat. Not every firm is a perfect fit for every collector and understanding a collector’s vision helps create a mutually-rewarding and pleasurable relationship.

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