by Bianca Bart | July 07, 2024

Repeater Notes: What Are They and What Are They Worth?

What's a repeater? On the topic of paper money, a repeater is exactly what it sounds like...a series of digits within the serial number that repeats itself. The most common are four-digit repeaters, that look like this: 1234-1234. 

What are repeater notes worth? As with any collectible, condition is cruicial when assigning a value. Many $1  repeaters tend to sell for $5-$35  while others including super repeaters and those appearing on different denominations may bring considerably more.

What's my repeater note worth?  There are a lot of considerations when assigning values to fancy serial numbers. Fortunately, Executive Currency is the largest fancy number firm and our staff is pleased to provide fast and free appraisals. 

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