by Bianca Bart | June 27, 2024

Free Coins for Kids with ANA's Coins for A's Program

If you're looking for ways to introduce your grades K-12 children to coin collecting, the American Numismatic Association can help!

Here's some information from their site:

"Earn three or more A's per marking period in school, and we’ll send you a FREE collectible coin and a FREE one-year year membership* to the American Numismatic Association, the largest coin collecting club in the world. Earn another free coin with each marking period! Homeschooled students are invited, too!" 

YOUR FREE ONE-YEAR “Young Numismatist” membership (students currently in grades K-12) INCLUDES:

• A digital 12-month subscription to The Numismatist magazine, the hobby’s premier publication

• Young Numismatist e-newsletter, with updates on young collector projects, events, and activities

• Exciting online auctions just for young collectors (bid with “funny money”)

• Access to interactive games, downloadable activities and quizzes for all levels

• Online educational resources such as videos, virtual exhibits, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and tips on how to get started collecting

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