by Bianca Bart | July 06, 2024

Best Place to Sell Coins and Paper Money

It might seem like common sense, but the most obvious place to start is do homework on your buyer. Posting on social media and trusting a stranger behind the keyboard to make a fair offer and/ or follow-through with the agreed upon payment terms is a risk to you and your collection. While there are certainly plenty of reputable dealers, collectors, and companies that have a social media presence, there are also seemingly at least twice as many scammers. 

As such, any prospective buyers for your items should be extensively researched and some questions to consider before agreeing to sell anything are:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How and when will payment be made? (If you opt for an auction house, you'll likely be waiting months)
  • How will the items be delivered?
  • What are their areas of specialty?
  • Do members belong to any professional organizations?

Having opened our doors in 1981 and with our annual sales in the millions of dollars, we must continuously purchase items to meet the needs of our clients; therefore, when the time comes to discuss distributing your holdings, we welcome the privilege of discussing the purchase of a few coins or banknotes to a major collection. 

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