by Bianca Bart | June 30, 2024

Advice for New Collectors: Where to Buy Coins + Paper Money?

You were scrolling through social media when you stumbled upon a stranger that posted coins or currency that you were interested in with a price that seemed too good to be true. Not wanting to miss this great deal, you comment Buy it Now.

The seller responds, you remit payment, and you wait for your order to arrive.

Too many days have passed and you start to wonder if it's lost in the mail or was never sent. You go back to your messages to inquire about the delay, but you're unable to send the seller a message. You're blocked, your money is gone, and your items are never coming. As for the seller, he/she has deleted that account, created a new one, and is ready to repeat the process to scam another victim. 

We hear stories like this almost daily from folks who tried to buy on internet auctions and social media. While some stories have a happy ending of recovering their money, it's generally best to avoid these platforms. 

Dealing with reputable dealers that have established track records will likely lead to a more positive collecting experience. 

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