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$20 1902 ND==HAXTUN (CO)==Ch 11099=1 of 10 KNOWN=VERY RARE= VERY FINE
$20 1902 ND==HAXTUN (CO)==Ch 11099=1 of 10 KNOWN=VERY RARE= VERY FINE
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                                   1902-ND  National Bank Note 

            “BLUE  SEAL”

                                    a   ‘HOMETOWN NOTE’

               or  a  VERY IMPORTANT ‘TYPE  NOTE’


                        BUXTON, (CO)

                                                            issued  by

          The First National Bank

                                          the national bank is identified as 

                                      Charter – 11099




                                           NATIONAL  BANKNOTES 

                                           can be collected in many ways:

                     --examples from a specific town, county, region, or State; for some collectors this is a birth place, current hometown, college or university city, work location

                         --by denomination, all examples same denomination, regardless of issuing location

                         --one example from each State

                         --one example of each denomination, from $1 to $100

                        --by themes

                        --by grade, seeking only high-end certified specimens

            `           --affordability, purchasing examples (for example) below $2000

                        --or without a specific format, acquiring whatever strikes the buyers

                                                            fancy , as opportunity and funds permits

                        --there is no wrong way…even a single example places a collector

                                                            eons beyond most folks.


                                              aside from the rarity factor,

                        national banknotes are collected because they link a person to a place:

                                                --birthplace of collector, spouse, or children

                                                --current residence

                                                --same first or last name of collector

                                                --city of high school, college, or work

                                                this example has been graded:



                                                     additional comments

The note shows even wear, making it a rare and attractive example.


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Although we believe our starting price is very fair and aligns with the demands of the current market, please do not hesitate to make a sensible counteroffer through the eBay system if you believe a discount will land this item into your collection.


Terms and Conditions of Sale
[1] All items guaranteed genuine as described without time limit. Any item purchased from ExecutiveCurrency.com and later proven to be non-authentic shall receive a refund of the original purchase price as compensation in full without further liability to the seller.

[2]Because grading remains a subjective opinion which varies between examiner and examiner, current or future difference in grades do NOT constitute lack of authenticity.

[3] The original purchaser may exercise a fourteen day, no-questions-asked return privilege providing the item is returned in the same condition as sold.

[4] However, NO item shall be accepted for return after submission to a third-party grading service. If purchasing third-party graded ("slabbed") notes are of importance, we respectfully request you consider only notes which are already encapsulated.

[5] The buyer should consult the published guarantees/warranties of each third-party grading service and rely solely on those for claims after the seven day return privilege extended by ExecutiveCurrency.com

[6] Any request for variance to these Terms and Conditions must be executed in writing before a sale.


Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG)


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