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$2 Original Series= LAZY DEUCE=SERIAL NUMBER #1=KANKAKEE, IL=Ch. 1793=PMG VF 30
$2 Original Series= LAZY DEUCE=SERIAL NUMBER #1=KANKAKEE, IL=Ch. 1793=PMG VF 30
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$2  Original Series  "LAZY  DEUCE" SERIAL  NUMBER  ONE                         ONLY  3 DOZEN  IN  EXISTENCE  FROM  ENTIRE  NATION   $2 Original Series National Bank Note...this is the LAZY DEUCE...a design so firmly entrenched in the minds of the collecting community that the mere mention of the name immediately conjures a vivid mental image.   Originating from the First National Bank of KANKAKEE (IL), which was assigned Charter 1793, from the Original Series.  The issuing location of this museum-worthy piece is unimportant, as it's appeal is universal.   A CLASSIC PIECE, in all regards...now of EPIC PROPORTIONS as a SERIAL NUMBER ONE.   There are ONLY 3 DOZEN SERIAL NUMBER ONE LAZY DUECES from the ENTIRE COUNTRY, making this the pinnacle trophy to enter the ultimate collection.  No matter one's particular focus of collecting, this deserves a spot in the cabinet of the person blessed with both the resources and knowledge to acquire it.   Exceptional impression with vibrant red overprints, including the SERIAL NUMBER "1", standing majestically alone above the Treasury seal. The signatures remain bold. 

PMG Very Fine 30, net

PMG has given this rarity the 'net' designation due to some toning of the paper as well as trivial edge damage that affects little, but on a National of this importance, those imperfections are more than excusable. The comments on the back of the holder are "toned" and "minor edge damage."

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