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$5 1882-DB NBN==WHITTIER, (CA))==CH # 5588==1st Nat'l==KELLY BOOK @ $2,000==VG
$5 1882-DB NBN==WHITTIER, (CA))==CH # 5588==1st Nat'l==KELLY BOOK @ $2,000==VG
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          1882  $5  DOLLAR  National Bank Note

                 “BLUE  SEAL”

                  ‘HOMETOWN NOTE’

                        or  a  VERY IMPORTANT ‘TYPE  NOTE’


                           WHITTIER,  (CA)

                                                            issued  by

                             First National Bank of WHITTIER

                                          the national bank is identified as

                                        Charter – 5588

     carries a verifiable retail value of

                                                $2,000 in this exact grade



                                                NATIONAL  BANKNOTES

                                           can be collected in many ways:

                           --examples from a specific town, county, region, or State; for some collectors this is a birth place, current hometown,                                                                college or university city, work location

                         --by denomination, all examples same denomination, regardless of issuing location

                         --one example from each State

                         --one example of each denomination, from $1 to $100

                        --by themes

                        --by grade, seeking only high-end certified specimens

            `           --affordability, purchasing examples (for example) below $2000

                        --or without a specific format, acquiring whatever strikes the buyers

                                                            fancy , as opportunity and funds permits

                        --there is no wrong way…even a single example places a collector

                                                            eons beyond most folks.


                                              aside from the rarity factor,

                        national banknotes are collected because they link a person to a place:

                                                --birthplace of collector, spouse, or children

                                                --current residence

                                                --same first or last name of collector

                                                --city of high school, college, or work

                                                this example seems to grade

                                                   VERY GOOD 10

                  Extensive restoration has stabilized this banknote for the next generation with a couple of nearly 

                       invisible pieces of museum tape reinforcing a split or two.

                                           additional comments

             Whittier is a Los Angeles County bank that alone should attract plenty of attention.  

           For those on the fence, this Date Back is likely to entice even the most jaded collector.  

               Overall, even with restorations this note is certain to fill an important void in an important collection.


by checking various sources: auction results, dealers' fixed price lists, advertisements in numismatic trade magazines, etc we found a


                                                verifiable retail value of



                                      for these same note in a similar grade;

                                    we encourage you to do your own research



we believe that our opening price is far below the retail value found elsewhere; and while our starting price is very fair, it is our intent to place quality notes into appreciative collections at equitable prices--so we welcome reasonable counter-offers