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$20 1882 Brown Back=Philadelphia, PA National=SERIAL NUMBER 1=ONLY 26 KNOWN=PMG45
$20 1882 Brown Back=Philadelphia, PA National=SERIAL NUMBER 1=ONLY 26 KNOWN=PMG45
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               NATIONAL  BANK  NOTE

                               --the ULTIMATE SERIAL number--

                             -- the VERY FIRST PRINTED sheet--

An absolute trophy of the highest caliber, destined to enhance whatever collection it graces next.  An opportunity to catapult the status of your holdings, at a very favorable cost. 

                                                   a hometown banknote from:

                                 PHILADELPHIA, (PA)

                                  issued by:

                                    THE NINTH NATIONAL BANK OF PHILADELPHIA

                                                 identified as:

                                                Charter Number 3371

                        this has been independently authenticated and graded by:


         (which is one of the two top-tier, premier third party grading services) as:

                                                              CHOICE EXTREMELY FINE  45 NET

Comments: “repaired” which we find difficult to immediately locate. This is among the finest ones known.

This is one of only 26 known Serial Number 1 $20 Brown Backs in the entire country.


SERIAL NUMBER ONE national banknotes stand alone at the top of most collector’s desirability ladder, a true numismatic dream which precious few ever realize.  The importance of owning the first note printed is appreciated by everyone, including non-collectors.  Items such as these belong on display in the issuing bank (or its successor), community historical museums, as well as in the holdings of private individuals.


                        SERIAL  NUMBER  ONE  NATIONAL  BANKNOTES

                                               can be collected in many ways:

                           --examples from a specific town, county, region, or State; for some                                                                      collectors this is a birth place, current hometown,                                                                college or university city, work location

                         --by denomination, all examples same denomination, regardless of                                                        issuing location

                         --one example from each State

                         --one example of each denomination, from $5 to $100

                        --by themes

                        --by grade, seeking only high-end certified specimens

            `           --affordability, purchasing examples (for example) below $2000

                        --or without a specific format, acquiring whatever strikes the buyers

                                                            fancy , as opportunity and funds permits

                        --there is no wrong way…even a single example places a collector

                                                            eons beyond most folks.


Serial Number One National Banknotes were often reserved for the bank owners, the President, the Cashier, their families, major depositors and upper echelon stockholders—keeping them beyond the reach of the collector, no matter how well connected or financed.  This showpiece allows you to enter the inner sanctum.