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Mike Abramson

Michael J. Abramson, partner
Executive Currency

Mike started as a collector of U.S. paper money in 1966, specializing in fancy serial numbered currency. In 1988 he made the decision to sell his large collection of paper money and has acted as a specialized paper money dealer for the past sixteen years. In recent years Mike has become THE market maker for fancy serial numbered notes. He has written numerous articles on the subject that have been published in The Currency Dealer Newsletter, Paper Money Magazine and Coin World. In the August 22, 2000 edition of Canadian Coin News, Mike was referred to as "the grand master of special serial numbers". Mike has supplied special serial numbered notes to most of the major specialized paper money collections now in existence. He supplied John Whitney Walter with the majority of his specialized collection, which was auctioned off in the fall of 2004. Mr. Walter’s collection was described by scholars as the finest collection of fancy serial number ever offered at public sale. Mike’s Fall 1998 sale catalog of one of the largest holdings of solid serial numbers and serial #00000001 notes, since the Albert A. Grinnell sale, was recently referred to as "a landmark publication" by one of the nation's largest auction houses. Mike considers it a tremendous honor that five of the nation's nine largest special serial numbered currency collectors, within the past six years, all entrusted him to help disperse their holdings to the collecting community.

Contact Mike Abramson directly at: Mike@ExecutiveCurrency.com.

Frederick J. Bart - consultant
Executive Currency

After twenty years of education and training, Frederick J. Bart spent a decade performing emergency and elective reconstructive surgery. Fred formed the finest collection of small size errors on the $5 denomination. The collection was dispersed in 1998, as it offered little room for improvement. Interviews with Fred have appeared on NBC television as well as CNN. He has been quoted in USA Today, numerous newspapers throughout the country, and extensively in the numismatic publications.

Fred authored the definitive reference book Comprehensive Catalog of United States Paper Money Errors. The first edition was published by BNR press in 1994, with the landmark second edition released in 2003. Copies of the book are available from Executive Currency..

Fred Bart

Doris A. Bart

Doris A. Bart-partner
Executive Currency

Doris Bart’s fascination with United States paper money began nearly twenty-five years ago, during a random encounter with a collection of error notes. Since that time, she changed her field of employment from a surgical “scrub” nurse to become President of BART, Inc and devote herself full-time to currency. Doris’ specialties include error notes and autographs on paper money. Additionally, Doris and Fred have written chapters on paper money errors for other generalized books on currency.

She routinely provides representation at currency auctions for clients themselves unable to attend a particular sale. Her sage advice has saved numerous clients countless thousands of dollars.

Doris is a member of the Professional Currency Dealers Association and the American Numismatic Association.

Contact Doris Bart directly at Doris@ExecutiveCurrency.com.