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$100 1999 FRN==STAR NOTES==original pack==100 consecutive==GEM CU
$100 1999 FRN==STAR NOTES==original pack==100 consecutive==GEM CU
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$100 1999 FRN STAR NOTES. This is an ORIGINAL PACK of 100 consecutive STAR NOTES. This is ONE of ONLY a HANDFUL of packs of $100 star notes that we have been able to offer since 1981. That should be rare enough for anyone's standards. At only a modest premium above the face value, it's hard to describe this pack as being "expensive." Sure, not everyone can afford it--why is exactly why you should buy it. If you enjoy the finest that life (and collecting) has to offer, grab a hold of this "high testosterone" item. The face value is TEN THOUSAND dollars. In the original BEP band. The condition of this pack is strictly as-issued and released. Please note that the pack you receive may vary by serial number.