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$5 1929-1 NBN==CHICAGO, IL==Ch 11092==F 004028 A==RETAIL $140==FINE
$5 1929-1 NBN==CHICAGO, IL==Ch 11092==F 004028 A==RETAIL $140==FINE
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                                        1929  National Bank Note

                                                          Type I

                                     ‘HOMETOWN NOTE’


                        CHICAGO, (IL)

                                                            issued  by

                      The Mutual National Bank of CHICAGO

                                          the national bank is identified as

                                                   Charter – 11092

                                              aside from the rarity factor,

                        national banknotes are collected because they link a person to a place:

                                                --birthplace of collector, spouse, or children

                                                --current residence

                                                --same first or last name of collector

                                                --city of high school, college, or work

                                                this example seems to grade

                                              FINE; with a small internal tear in the "5" in the upper left corner


by checking various sources: auction results, dealers' fixed price lists, advertisements in numismatic trade magazines, etc we found a


                                                recent sales of:



                                      for this same note about two grades higher

                                    we encourage you to do your own research



we believe that our opening price is far below the retail value found elsewhere; and while our starting price is very fair, it is our intent to place quality notes into appreciative collections at equitable prices--so we welcome reasonable counter-offers