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$20 1929-1==ISANTI (MN)==Ch 10554=9 KNOWN=AUCTION ESTIMATE $800==FINE
$20 1929-1==ISANTI (MN)==Ch 10554=9 KNOWN=AUCTION ESTIMATE $800==FINE
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                                        1929  National Bank Note

                                                          Type I

                                     ‘HOMETOWN NOTE’



                                                            issued  by

                             The First National Bank of ISANTI 

                                          the national bank is identified as

                                                   Charter – 10554

                                              aside from the rarity factor,

                        national banknotes are collected because they link a person to a place:

                                                --birthplace of collector, spouse, or children

                                                --current residence

                                                --same first or last name of collector

                                                --city of high school, college, or work

                                                this example  grades


                                            WITH SOME STAINING ON THE BACK


                                                     additional comments:

                                                                      9 NOTES REPORTED IN THE CENSUS



by checking various sources: auction results, dealers' fixed price lists, advertisements in numismatic trade magazines, etc we found a


                                                recent sales of:


                                                   nearly $800


                                      for this same note about two grades higher

                                    we encourage you to do your own research


Although we believe our starting price is very fair and aligns with the demands of the current market, please do not hesitate to make a sensible counteroffer