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$1-$1-$2 Original Series==NEW YORK (NY)==Ch.1357==UNCUT SHEET==LARGE SIZE
$1-$1-$2 Original Series==NEW YORK (NY)==Ch.1357==UNCUT SHEET==LARGE SIZE
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New York, NY - $1-$1-$2 Original Series Ch. 1357 Uncut Sheet 

The first two notes are pristine examples of the ACE denomination with the last note being the, iconic, LAZY DEUCE. This sheet was originally printed as a four-subject sheet with the first ace having been removed prior to being acquired by our firm. 

The signatures are present and rather dark. 

As individual notes in Choice CU, the three pieces would carry an aggregate value of around $20,000+. Fortunately, it requires only a small premium to maintain this historic piece of fiscally important paper money intact in uncut form.

An opportunity to own these items as individual pieces is impressive, but possessing this iconic uncut sheet is beyond the privilege of most collectors.