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$10 1934-A FRN Misaligned Overprint Error PMG Very Fine 30
$10 1934-A FRN Misaligned Overprint Error PMG Very Fine 30
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MISALIGNED OVERPRINT “The apparent shift in the overprint on the completed note usually results from the improper feeding of the currency sheet into the over-printing press. The sheet enters the final printing operation at an angle or with unequal amounts of paper on the right and left sides. The overprint shift may also arise from an existing fold in currency paper that affects the dimensions of the uncut half sheet and consequently alters the relative position of the notes receiving the final printing. In the former instance, each note on the sheet will bear a nearly identical misalignment; in the later, the degree of the shift will be a function of the note’s relation to the fold. “ Excessively rare one color overprint with shift left of green seal and serial numbers on this early note. One of only 2 we recall Note is graded by PMG as Very Fine 30