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$20 1996==SERIAL NUMBER ONE==FIRST NOTE PRINTED==#1==00000001==PMG 20
$20 1996==SERIAL NUMBER ONE==FIRST NOTE PRINTED==#1==00000001==PMG 20
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               FEDERAL  RESERVE  NOTE

                               --the ULTIMATE SERIAL number--

                             -- the VERY FIRST PRINTED note--

An absolute trophy of the highest caliber, destined to enhance whatever collection it graces next.  An opportunity to catapult the status of your holdings, at a very favorable cost. 


        TWENTY DOLLAR          


                                     series of 1996 

                                with signatures of:


                                                 with serial number:

                                                             AF 00000001 J

                        this has been independently authenticated and graded by:

                                PMG  VERY  FINE  20, net  

         (which is one of the two top-tier, premier third party grading services)

with the comment “ink”, referring to the light ink in the top and bottom margins.



SERIAL NUMBER ONE banknotes stand alone at the top of many collector’s desirability ladder, a true numismatic dream which precious few ever realize.  The importance of owning the first note printed is appreciated by everyone, including non-collectors.  Items such as these belong on display.


                                    SERIAL  NUMBER  ONE  BANKNOTES

                                            can be collected in many ways:

                         --one example of each denomination, from $1 to $100

                        --by grade, seeking only high-end certified specimens


                        --or without a specific format, acquiring whatever strikes the buyers

                                                            fancy , as opportunity and funds permits

                        --there is no wrong way…even a single example places a collector

                                                            eons beyond most folks.


Serial Number One Banknotes are often the domain of the especially wealthy and, most definitely, the highly sophisticated collectors. This showpiece allows you to enter the inner sanctum.


                             making this a TREMENDOUS VALUE for an ASTUTE COLLECTOR




During the past 32 years, our firm has bought and sold more serial number 1 banknotes than any other dealer in the United States.  As such, we understand the market and have attempted to price this piece as favorably as possible.  None the less, it is our intention to place quality banknotes into appreciative new collections; as such, we welcome reasonable, intelligent counter-offers through the eBay system.  

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