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$50 1861 MONTGOMERY=T4=RARE=Clitherall/Elmore=PMG VERY FINE 20
$50 1861 MONTGOMERY=T4=RARE=Clitherall/Elmore=PMG VERY FINE 20
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T4 Fifty dollar 1861, from the Montgomery Alabama issues.

This is the pinnacle of Confederate and southern states notes. It has a long and storied history. Few collectors have had the opportunity to see a genuine example, only the very privileged few have I ever added one to their holdings. This is truly the caliber of the note to catapult anyone's collection from ordinary to museum worthy.

This is wonderfully centered possessing good color. It boasts a three digit serial number, 184.  

 Note grades PMG VERY FINE 20

The signature of Elmore remains legible. He shot a newspaper editor who accused him of embezzling funds from the Confederate treasury. The editor died immediately adds did this story. There is, however, accounting in central Alabama named in his honor.

The signature of Witherall is likewise, in his position as register of the Confederate treasury.

Center Vignette: Slaves working in the field.