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LARGE SIZE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE a FORERUNNER to the MONEY in YOUR POCKET A VERY HISTORIC—and EMINENTLY COLLECTIBLE—SERIES of PAPER MONEY: All were issued under the Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913 which authorized denominations from $5-10,000. Unlike Federal Reserve Bank Notes, which were issued directly to—and backed by—each of the twelve FR districts, Federal Reserve Notes were backed by the Federal Government, although the means by which they were secured is not stated on the note. ABRAHAM LINCOLN appears on the $5 ANDREW JACKSON appears on the $10 GROVER CLEVELAND appears on the $20 ULYSSES GRANT appears on the $50 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN appears on the $100 ----------the $500 and $1,000 denominations are quite scarce------- JOHN MARSHALL appears on the $500 ALEXANDER HAMILTON appears on the $1,000 ----------the $5,000 and $10,000 denominations are prohibitively rare----- JAMES MADISON appears on the $5,000 SALMON CHASE appears on the $10,000 this sale contains a CLASSIC DESIGN in UNITED STATES PAPER MONEY the: ABRAHAM LINCOLN FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, with denomination of $5 series of 1914 BLUE SERIAL NUMBERS and SEAL issued for the Federal Reserve Bank at NEW YORK both ATTRACTIVE and AFFORDABLE an IMPORTANT TYPE NOTE firmly entrenched in the minds of collectors that the mere mention of the name immediately conjures a mental image this SPELL-BINDING SPECIMEN preserved in HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE CONDITION, suitable for even the fussiest of collectors as it was hand-selected as an above-average example for its technical grade there are BRILLIANT BLACK INKS, FOUR VERY NICE MARGINS for the issue a DEEPLY IMPRESSED IMAGE of the PORTRAIT of ABRAHAM LINCOLN at the center of the front destined to enhance any collection our THIRTY YEARS of experience and TENS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS in SALES suggests that this note is NICER than AVERAGE for the assigned grade independently authenticated and conservatively graded AU additional comments: This is a very attractive lightly circulated note. Although it's very consistent with the grade, we feel compelled to inform its future owner of the couple splits along some of the fold lines. please study the hi-resolution image yourself REFER to the SCAN to EVALUATE the CENTERING, EMBOSSING, INKS, ALIGNMENT, to formulate an independent opinion as to the quality and suitability of the piece. For additional information, please contact our office at 586.979.3400 Although we believe our starting price is very fair and aligns with the demands of the current market, please do not hesitate to make a sensible counteroffer through the eBay system if you believe a discount will land this item into your collection. Terms and Conditions of Sale
[1] All items guaranteed genuine as described without time limit. Any item purchased from ExecutiveCurrency.com and later proven to be non-authentic shall receive a refund of the original purchase price as compensation in full without further liability to the seller. [2]Because grading remains a subjective opinion which varies between examiner and examiner, current or future difference in grades do NOT constitute lack of authenticity. [3] The original purchaser may exercise a fourteen day, no-questions-asked return privilege providing the item is returned in the same condition as sold. [4] However, NO item shall be accepted for return after submission to a third-party grading service. If purchasing third-party graded ("slabbed") notes are of importance, we respectfully request you consider only notes which are already encapsulated. [5] The buyer should consult the published guarantees/warranties of each third-party grading service and rely solely on those for claims after the seven day return privilege extended by ExecutiveCurrency.com [6] Any request for variance to these Terms and Conditions must be executed in writing before a sale. Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) Frederick J. Bart #585 Doris A. Bart #A762 Bianca B. Bart #763