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PROOFS and INTAGLIO IMPRESSIONS are among the most highly coveted items in paper money—unlike United States coinage, where proof strikings have been available annually, to the public, for nearly 150 years, paper money collectors never enjoyed the same opportunity; even the most common, the most basic of proofs command prices beginning at $5,000, with several approaching $100,000 at public auction. Despite abundant similarities, important differences exist between proofs and intaglio impressions. Proofs are produced on an intaglio press before a design is released, commonly impressed into India paper on cardstock, in extremely limited numbers. Intaglio impressions—such as those offered here—are printed from the same plates and inks on the same presses directly into cardstock after release. In many cases, the intaglio impressions were created long after the release of the design. Both are official products of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing; both offer a wonderful execution of the engraver’s design with each artistic detail flawlessly rendered and crisply impressed. Both proofs and intaglio impressions are printed on one side only (uniface) without identifying serial numbers; neither is negotiable. Intaglio impressions offer a valuable addition to any collection or a worthy (and affordable) gift to a collector at any level. Only once before, in the 35 year history of our firm, did we have the privilege of bringing such important pieces to market. PCGS Currency has authenticated these as “Intaglio Impression from Original Printing Plate on BEP Card” and additionally graded each as Gem New 65PPQ or better, attesting to the pristine nature. Please refer to the scan for the grade of the item you will be receiving, as some go to Superb Gem New 68PPQ! Counter-Offers--it is our desire to place these magnificent examples into appreciative collections; our buy-it-now price comes from our Summer, 2017 catalogue. If a reasonable counter-offer (made ONLY through the eBay system), will allow you to add this stunning Intaglio Impression into your collection, please feel free to make an intelligent offer, based upon our asking price.